Whenever you purchase a laptop, an operating system is what you need to use it properly from scratch. There are different operating systems that you can use in your newly purchased system. Of them, the most admired ones include Microsoft Windows (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (with metro-style apps), Windows8.1, and 10), Apple Mac OS, and Linux. However, in order if you have been working on a laptop with a working operating system and immediately your operating system gives some kind of error or blue screen with a long code that you sometimes do not even understand. In such a tiring situation, you have different options to approach. One of the most easiest and streamlined way is to approach to a professional windows repair center.

In London city, people face different issues related to their systems every day. Of those issues, a corrupt operating system is one of the most irritating one. This could be due to a number of reasons. However, to save your time, leave it on Computer Clinic. We are one of the most professional laptop windows reset service providers in London. We provide every sort of laptop’s operating system service including windows factory reset, windows password recovery, windows installation, reset windows password, administrator password, push button reset, forgotten windows password, factory setting and many more.

The overall procedure includes complete check-up including all the necessary tests.We always boot your laptop in safe mode in order to avoid any further damage to your hard drive/hard disk or any other pc settings. In order to start, we always pick up from any of the different boot options available to us. In case of your windows laptop, we always use original windows installation DVD.
There are many professional windows PC repairing technicians, who do not care about your windows settings and always go for pirated bootable CD.You would be wondering what’s wrong with a pirated CD or DVD.Well, a pirated CD/DVD or even if a pirated version is being used in USB flash drive causes problems later on. Therefore, in order to keep your system away from all these risks, you should bring your system to a responsible and professional repair center like Computer Clinic so that we could help you in bringing each and every settings back to normal.

Many people visit us with a unique problem that they have problems with their windows password. They ask for so many ways including password recovery, windows password rescuer, windows password reset, and recovery tool. We always calm our customers and say that you need not to worry at all. You need to just sit back and relax and let us do our professional work. We use conventional ways to for all kinds of windows and password reset options.

If we feel the need to reset password for your windows vista home premium, we go for a trial windows vista passwordto check if everything is working fine or not. After complete check-up, we start analyzing your system by entering your system with your user passwordor windows administrator password/login password, going to control panel, checking password reset disk, factory reset options, recovery partition, USB drive settings, drivers update,recovery drive and all other necessary settings. If you have a similar kind of issue, visit Computer Clinic for more details.



Windows reset shouldn’t need to be done regularly to keep it performing well. But, if a computer is bogged down by startup programs, context menu items, and years of junk, reinstalling Windows may be the quickest way to speed it up again. Reinstalling Windows can also save a computer infected with malware or afflicted by blue-screens and other system problems caused by software issues. If you are trying this on your own before beginning, backup all of your personal data.

While you should back up your data regularly, it is especially important to do so before reinstalling an operating system, if you have not done this before all your years of data might be at a great risk. In Windows 7 and previous versions of Windows, it’s up to the PC manufacturer to provide a recovery partition or recovery discs. Most manufacturers don’t include Windows reset installation discs with their computers. If your computer has a recovery partition on numerous PCs, you’ll need to press a key amid the boot procedure to get to the recuperation device.

This key might be shown on your screen. It ought to likewise be imprinted in your PC’s manual. If your computer comes with a recovery disc, you can likewise embed it in your PC’s optical drive and boot from it to start reinstalling Windows. You’ll wind up with the producer’s similar to new Windows framework on your drive. All the first drivers will be introduced, which is great; however, all that terrible bloatware will likewise return and that is awful. You’ll need to remove undesirable software programming after you reinstall. The process of resetting a MacBook to factory settings is much easier than the windows and it gets rid of all your data from the Mac. Make sure you should transfer data from your old Mac to a new one, making a copy of the hard drive and keeping it around for a while. The best way to do this is using a program like Carbon Copy Cloner or Super Duper along with an external hard drive. Choose your main hard drive in the source, and your external hard drive in the Destination. Now click on Clone. You should be able to boot from the cloned external hard drive. To test, this resets your Mac and hold down Option during the boot process. Use the arrow keys on your Mac to select the external drive and tap Enter. This copied drive can be recopied back to the main drive if you decide to restore your Mac, or it can be used to access all the original files from your computer after you have wiped the internal hard drive. Unfortunately if you don’t have a disk for windows reset or an external hard drive to copy your data from your apple mac it’s better to bring in the professionals it’s going to cost you a little but, at least, you will be at peace with your data protected