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A power jack is a hardware part in laptops, which is directly connected to the power system of the hardware. Whenever you plug in the DC plug into the power jack, your battery starts charging.A faulty plug or power jack can cause a lot of issues especially if you are working on a some immediate project. There are copious factors that can make a working power jack faulty. Once you come to know that your power jack is no more working, pain in your head starts right away. Well, this is not always the case if there is a rescue service available in London city. Computer Clinic does all sorts of laptop repairing work including the provision of power jack repair service. ADC jack is always the primary concern for many repairing service providers, as the detachment of a faulty one and the installation of a new dc power jack seems to be a very small but time-consuming work.

It would be a very confusing thing for many laptop users once they come to know that their laptop is not charging. It could be the issue with the DC plug, the power supply, or the dc power jack. You would never know where the problem lies in actuality.That is why;it is highly recommended that you should consult with a professional laptop power jack repair professional.

By using the laptop power jack testing and replacement services, you would actually become tension-free for not indulging yourself in any sort of hardware work.

Here at Computer Clinic, we check almost all the issues related to your laptop dc power jack. You would know many repair professionals, who would only repair your faulty hardware part like power socket,power cord or power connector, but neglect any other issues associated with the same part. It is highly imperative to test all other issues related to the problematic area of your laptop including the hard drive. That why, what we do is that we would go for a general laptop test initially to check out or know about the possible errors or issues in your machine.

Once we perform every relevant test, we then focus on the main issue and try to resolve it at the first place. If it is related to your power adapter or dc power connector, we always try to go for dc jack repair it instead of going for the laptop dc power replacement part. However, if we know that the installed power jack is not going to work, we then go for the replacement solution to make your machine working.

Most of the times, people ask for the testing and proper checking of ac adapter or ac power adapter.Well, it is our duty to test all the relevant part and not to disappoint you at any point. If you want to know more about us or our laptop repair services, checkout on our Computer Clinic website that will give you a detail insight of who we are and how we are managing to provide professional laptop repair service in the capital of the UK.

Easy Power Jack Repairs

For most of us, a computer is an absolute necessity. If you are ready to get to work, but when you hit the power button nothing happens, it can be a really bad way to start your day. If your computer does not respond when you turn on the power button, there are a few things you can check. Two things to check first are the DC power jack and the AC power adapter. Power jack repair is not difficult, but it is important to determine first that the problem is not with the AC power adapter.

Checking The Jacks

Begin by ensuring the AC power adapter is working by trying it out on another machine. If it appears to be working correctly, then try plugging it into the DC power jack and then hit the power button. Immediately try moving the AC power adapter side to side and up and down. If you see lights flickering and trying to come on, then you have a bad DC power jack.


You will need several tools in order to repair the power jack. These are a digital multimeter, some small wire, a soldering iron, solder, solder paste flux, and a Phillips screwdriver. IF you do not already know how to solder, you should practice on old or scrap motherboards until you are sure you are capable of using solder to make repairs. You should also ensure you understand and know how to use the digital multimeter because you will use this to test your DC power jack to check if it is bad.

Making Repairs

You will first need to disassemble your laptop. Take it apart all the way down to the motherboard. You can usually find instructions on how to do this either on the manufacturer’s website or somewhere else online.

Once the laptop is disassembled and you can access the motherboard, you can start your inspection of the DC power jack. Using the digital multimeter, place it on the OHMS setting and ensure the sound is on. You want the multimeter to beep if the black and red probes touch.

Next, find the power jack’s center pin and place one of the probes on the front of the pin and then place the other probe on the back of the DC power jack. Many times the center pin will come loose and begin moving. This can be the cause of a faulty connection in the DC power jack. Check to ensure the sound is on and then use the multimeter to check if there is a shared connection. If there is, the multimeter should beep. If the connection is open or faulty, then the multimeter will emit no sound. If you believe the connection is open you can use small needle nose pliers to repair it. If the connection is loose, apply the flux and then solder the back.

Once you are sure the connection is good from the center pin front to the power back jack, then you should check the connection running from the back of the center pin to the motherboard and onto the bottom of the board.

It is common to find a problem with the solder at the through hole. It may be a bad solder point, but usually, the problem occurs as a result of stress from the AC adapter power cord.

You can always buy a new DC power jack and then install it when it comes in. However, if the connection is bad, you will still need to fix the problem with a repair. If the problem is with the jumper wires, there are methods of running a new jumper wire. You can run the jumper wire from the back of the center pin through the motherboard to the bottom or you can run it from the back of the center pin to the board’s trace.

You can connect the jumper wires with a solder. Just solder one end of the jumper wire to the place on the motherboard where the center pin emerges. Then, solder the other end of the wire to the DC power jack center pin back.

Making a power jack repair is simple, but you do need to know how to solder and disassemble your laptop. It is a good idea to practice both of these processes before you perform any power jack repairs.